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Dog skins turned into leather in China (Video Viral)
Dog skins turned into leather in China (Video Viral)

Dog skins turned into leather in China (Video Viral)

A global animal rights charity has released shocking images which it claims were taken in Chinese factories where dog skin is used to make everyday products for worldwide exportation, including gloves and shoes.

At a slaughterhouse in eastern China, the investigator filmed workers as they grabbed one dog after another around the neck with metal pinchers and bashed them over the head with a wooden pole.

It’s not a quick death for these terrified animals.

Some dogs fell unconscious, while others cried out and writhed in agony. Some still struggled to breathe after their throats had been cut and as workers prepared to peel the skins from their bodies.

Dogs who were next in line for slaughter wailed and barked as a worker hit them in an effort to get them to walk slower. One employee told the investigator that this facility bludgeons and skins 100 to 200 dogs a day. When the video was shot, there were about 300 live dogs in the compound slated for slaughter.

Being sickened is not enough. Only actions will help these animals.

In November 2014, a PETA Asia investigator visited dog-leather processing plants in China and documented the process of turning dog skin into women’s fashion gloves, work gloves, and other accessories. The owner of one plant told the investigator that at the time, he had about 30,000 pieces of semi-processed dog leather in stock. Leather processed in factories such as these is sold all over the world.

Most of the world’s leather comes from China, where there are no penalties for abusing animals killed for their skins. So if you buy leather, remember: there’s no easy way to tell whose skin you’re really getting.


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