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Doctor Poisoned by His Lover, Report
Doctor Poisoned by His Lover, Report

Doctor Poisoned by His Lover, Report

Testimony continued Thursday in the trial of Dr. Ana Gonzalez, who is accused of poisoning Dr. George Blumenschein’s coffee. The two M.D. Anderson doctors were colleagues and lovers.

Dr. George Blumenschein told the court that Dr. Ana Gonzalez-Angulo would not take no for an answer, whether it was sexually or in the gifts she gave him.

He also said she somehow found out about a confidential adoption process he was helping a friend through.

“And these are not lists that people put on a wall,” Blumenschein said. “These aren’t like, ‘Next: who wants to adopt a kid?’ These are private confidential files. “

Blumenschein said Gonzalez-Angulo was initially upset, believing he was adopting a child with his girlfriend.

He added that he never got a straight answer from the suspect about how she discovered this confidential information. He said she also admitted having his house watched.

Prior to the poisoning, Gonzalez-Angulo claimed she was beaten by two people who came to her home on Dec. 17, 2012. Blumenschein testified that she was not bruised shortly after claiming she’d been attacked.

Evidence was presented to the jury Friday that Gonzalez-Angulo was on the phone at the time of the alleged attack and that she sent a couple of work-related emails less than two hours after she claims to have been beaten.

The defense spent much of Friday morning poking holes in the testimony of investigator Macario Sosa, who came to the conclusion that Gonzalez-Angulo poisoned Blumenschein.

At one point, the defense suggested that Blumenschein could have been poisoned by a waiter at a Houston restaurant the day he was sickened.

“At some point during this investigation, did you receive information or a suggestion that maybe you should look at a psycho waiter?” an attorney asked Sosa.

The poison is thought to be ethylene glycol, which is a key component in antifreeze.

Blumenschein suffered permanent organ damage because of the poisoning.


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