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Damarys Ruiz Miss Venezuela Dies at Age 68
Damarys Ruiz Miss Venezuela Dies at Age 68

Damarys Ruiz Miss Venezuela Dies at Age 68

Damarys Ruiz, a former Miss Venezuela with a law degree and who had spent the last 15 years of her life homeless has died at the age of 68.

Ruiz’s body was found in a park in the country’s capital Caracas this week and no one came to claim her at the hospital.

Life gave her an upward push in 1973 when she entered the beauty contest and won it through her charm and intelligence.

If the life of models and beauty contestants isn’t an easy one, it was worse for Damarys Ruiz. The pageant and resulting fame were about the end of her shot at success and glory. She wasn’t interested in a legal career and the world of fame and entertainment had nothing worthwhile for her. She made a living by selling homemade crafts and junk jewelry.

She lived with a possessive brother who didn’t like her socializing with others and she never had a long term romantic relationship.

In an interview given in 2005, Ms Ruiz told the local media: “He used to starve me. He often threatened me and often hit me. I repeatedly called the police but they never did anything.”

She fled her brother’s house in 2000 but she had nowhere else to go. She ended up living on the streets, where she eventually died.

It’s a tragic end to a tough life that once seemed full of promise.


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    1. In life she ended up homeless. In death she is now in God’s house and that is the best house you could ever imagine. God doesn’t abandon us like people do. God bless her and I hope she is at peace now.

    2. Very sad ending to such a promising life. RIP.

    3. oh my how sad.

    4. strange story. Generally any halfway attractive girl can find a nice guy with a decent job who would marry them. Even in 36 hours if need be. What happened?

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