Cyndi Lauper : Singer Reveals Extreme Psoriasis Battle
Cyndi Lauper : Singer Reveals Extreme Psoriasis Battle

Cyndi Lauper : Pop Singer Reveals Extreme Psoriasis Battle “Report”

Cyndi Lauper has opened up about living with psoriasis, a skin disease for which there is no cure.

During a recent sit-down with People, the 62-year-old singer revealed she was diagnosed with the debilitating skin condition in 2010 after discovering what she thought was simply a rash on her scalp.

“First, I thought I just had a really bad bleach job [on my hair],” she recalled. “[But] it was so bad, I felt like the Elephant Man.”

Two years later, the “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” songstress discovered the skin irritation again, but this time it was worse. “My whole entire body was covered in a rash and scaly skin. And then it just stared creeping up my neck. I felt swallowed by it,” she said.

“I tried every kind of natural cure I could. It was like I Love Lucy — I felt like a mad scientist mixing this and that. My immune system got a little wacky, and it took my strength away. My skin was so inflamed, it could not regulate hot and cold, so I had the chills all the time. I lost [my voice]. I stopped singing for a while. I felt depressed and I felt horrible,” she said.

Today, Cyndi is working to bring awareness to the disease with the National Psoriasis Foundation and Novartis through their new campaign More to

“I’m not alone. There are 7.5 million Americans with this… You don’t have to suffer in silence or live in pain. It’s not just a rash. It’s a disease,” she said.


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    1. Cindy, my husband suffer too and one night he almost had a break down. I talk to my friends( DR. in Germany) and now he is using 100% olive oil soap you can find from France. Aragan oil to keep the skin moisturize and together with 100% olive oil moisturize. No perfumes, washing close is also just in hot-cold water with natural soup. And lots and lots of olive oil on the food. Thank God and knock in the wood he had 15 years ago the big break up. And remove all the chemicals from any cosmetics. Good luck. The girls just need to have fun:)

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