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Cops find $24 million in cash within walls of home (Video)
Cops find $24 million in cash within walls of home (Video)

Cops find $24 million in cash within walls of home (Video)

Miami-Dade police detectives raiding the home of a suspected marijuana trafficker unearthed at least $24 million in cash — mostly in bundles of $100 bills in heat-sealed bags stuffed in dozens of orange 5-gallon Home Depot-brand buckets.

Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez, 44, and his sister Salma Hernandez, 32, were taken into custody after Miami-Dade police raided Gonzalez’s house in what cops say was a record-breaking find.

Authorities said they were acting on a tip from the Drug Enforcement Administration when Miami-Dade Narcotics Detectives secured a search warrant for a business owned by Gonzalez, a suspected marijuana trafficker.

Police said they discovered a safe with large sums of money during the search of The Blossom Experience, a hydroponic garden supply store that police say is a front for Gonzalez’s alleged multi-million dollar cannabis operation.

Their discoveries then led them to Gonzalez’s house, where they made a startling find.

They allegedly discovered sealed packages of money stored in buckets between the walls, valued at an estimated $24 million. They also allegedly found a high-powered automatic weapon along with several packages of steroids.

Gonzalez was later arrested on multiple charges, including money laundering, cannabis trafficking and weapon possession.

Hernandez was arrested for possession of place/purpose of cannabis trafficking, possession of place/purpose of cannabis trafficking/conspiracy. All charges against them are pending.

According to WSVN, police have had Gonzalez under surveillance since 2010.

An attorney for the suspects, Frank Gaviria, said both his clients intend to plead not guilty on all charges. He added that he thinks police made false assumptions before arresting his clients.

Gonzalez is being held on a $4 million bond, while Hernandez is being held on a $12,000 bond. Both remain in custody.


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