Connie Ditto found safe days after sending husband odd texts
Connie Ditto found safe days after sending husband odd texts

Connie Ditto found safe days after sending husband odd texts ‘Video’

Connie Ditto, a Virginia mother has been found safe after she was missing for three days, according to WTVR.

Connie Ditto’s husband, Mark Ditto, said he had been a nervous wreck, not having seen or heard from Connie since Tuesday night when she checked into Patient First in Short Pump complaining of head pains.

“She said she was going to a walk-in facility. She was having headaches and dizziness,” said Mark Ditto.

Connie was seen on video at Patient First.

“She signed in at the desk. She sat down to wait, was there a couple of minutes; got up walked out and left,” said Mark Ditto.

When Mark started texting Connie asking how she was doing, she replied in texts that she had “to get X-ray. I think they going to do surgery. They transport me to the hospital. I lost my vision in my right eye.”

Then, one minute later: “I have to go.”

Four minutes later, Connie tells her husband: “Mark do not come. I do have injury very badly on my shoulder too.”

Then, according to Mark, her phone was off.

“At that point we went to the Patient First. Her car wasn’t in the parking lot or anything,” Mark said.

Mark checked every hospital in the area, but says none had a record for Connie.

Again, police will only say that Connie was safe, but would not elaborate on where or how she was found.

This is an ongoing investigation and additional information may still be released.


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    1. Dave Kozlowski

      A more apt title for this article would be, “Heroic Dad Who Saved Lives by Preventing, with the Help of His Brave Daughters, His Intoxicated Wife from Driving Drunk is Rewarded with Criminal Charges; Local Government to Receive Federal VAWA Funds as a Result”?

      This story is unabashed pro-feminist MISANDRY. A women gets drunk, wants to leave home driving in her car, her husband AND THEIR DAUGHTERS stop her, so based on her entitled feminist attitude, the immature and intoxicated mommy runs away and hides in a motel (doing only Lord knows what with Lord knows who), and when concerned husband makes a public statement in an effort to find her, the mother magically reappears and accuses him of assault – allegations that EVEN HER OWN DAUGHTERS DENY. How is this even a case? Why was he even arrested when EVERY WITNESS PRESENT, INCLUDING THEIR OWN DAUGHTERS, contradicts the mother’s drunken allegations?

      Oh yeah, VAWA funds. That’s it. The noxious law that PAYS local governments to prosecute men for alleged domestic violence. When an economic incentive like this is placed on criminal prosecutions, this is the twisted and distorted end result. Wake up middle-class males before it is to late.

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