Cape Breton man clocked doing 226 km/h in rental car in Pictou County
Cape Breton man clocked doing 226 km/h in rental car in Pictou County

Cape Breton man clocked doing 226 km/h in rental car in Pictou County

A 28-year-old man from Sydney is facing a hefty fine — and possibly a higher than expected vehicle rental fee — after allegedly being clocked at 226 kilometres an hour on the Trans-Canada Highway in Pictou County.

An RCMP officer spotted the vehicle speeding along a highway in the Telford, N.S. area around 5:30 a.m. Monday.

Police say the vehicle was clocked at 226 km/h, which is 126 km/h over the posted speed limit of 100 km/h. They also say the road was slippery and covered in snow in some areas at the time.

“These are speeds for a controlled race track, not for a 100-series highway,” says Cpl. Mark Kellock. “This could have easily resulted in a fatal collision given the high rate of speed the vehicle was traveling and the changing winter road conditions.”

Police say the man was driving a rented Chevrolet Malibu. The vehicle was towed and impounded for seven days.

The man has been charged with stunting and his licence was automatically suspended for seven days. If convicted, he faces a fine of $2,418.95.

The incident remains under investigation.


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    1. And this is what happens when in Canada we barely have any racetracks or circuits for the population to use.

      In Alberta every time someone tries to build one, the RCMP (not the officers themselves) and the people around the area find excuses not to put one in.

      Cars are able to go up to 220-250-some 300+. Don’t be surprised when it happens.

      Thankfully there is 1 track in Alberta… thing is people tend to go 1-2 times a year since it’s 5.5 hours of driving away!! Having places to go push your car would solve most of the speeding problems of enthusiasts on the road. Every time I’ve left a track with a group and drove hours to get home everyone drove nice and easy.

      Then again this person was driving a Malibu… that’s not a performance car. I’m surprised it can even do 226.

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