Bully Attacks Blind Kid at School but Justice Isn't Blind (Video)
Bully Attacks Blind Kid at School but Justice Isn't Blind (Video)

High Schooler Defends Blind Kid From Bully, then is suspended “Video”

High Schooler Defends Blind Kid From Bully, Gets Suspended By School.

The infuriating video was captured at Huntington Beach High School in Southern California, where a blind student, Austin, attends school.

The bully is seen going after Austin, blowing him with punches while Austin tries desperately just to cover his face.

Quickly, a hero steps in and knocks the bully to the ground with a swift hit.

“I swear to God, if you f******g f*** with this kid again I will f*** you up,” yells our hero, Cody, at the now-in-pain attacker.

Hopefully this bully will think twice, now, before raising his fist, knowing there are those out there like Cody that won’t allow him hurt those that can’t defend themselves.




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    1. Bravo, you are a real hero. The president should invite you to the Whitehouse!

    2. We live in a world where wrong is right and right is wrong. Those negative comments came from those who are perverted in all their ways. Anyone with common sense would feel the way the father did. It is one thing to hear about it, another thing to walk in your house and see the act taking place. I hope he gets help for his son. The 18 year old could have been a victim himself. His son is not the first child he molested. We do not know how many children are out there who have made these children future molesters. The father deserves a reward because I would have killed him. Molesters change the lives of those they hurt. They will never be the same again.
      For all those who felt sorry for the molester please show your face male or female so your neighbors and friends can warn their children about you.

    3. I was bullied as a child, and my husband and I raised 5 kids. 5 born in 7 years, we spanked them but I told them fro the get go if you EVER bully someone, or vandalize property (you do not want it and do not want anyone else to have it ) I will literally beat the hell out of you! also if you see ANYONE being picked on, say something, stop it. f it is and if it is danger get help.they all turned out great. and as far as getting expelled I told them all never stat a fight, but you damn well better finish one!

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