Brooke Shields reveals she lost virginity to TV Superman Dean Cain
Brooke Shields reveals she lost virginity to TV Superman Dean Cain

Brooke Shields reveals she lost virginity to TV Superman Dean Cain

Brooke Shields has opened up about her sex life and losing her virginity to none other than Superman – aka Dean Cain – in her new memoir, ‘There Was A Little Girl’.

Brooke, 49, was famous for publicly vowing abstinence during her younger years – an attitude she believes her mother strongly influenced, as she says she was brought up “terrified” of physical contact with boys.

When the brunette beauty finally decided she was ready to lose her virginity at 22 to her Princeton classmate, the experience wasn’t quite what either star expected.

“Afterwards I got so overwhelmed that I jumped out of my bed. I actually kind of tumbled off it and started running,” she writes. “I was buck naked streaking down a hallway and running like I had just stolen someone’s wallet.”

Cain did try to comfort the actress, though. “Dean leapt up and ran after me with the comforter in his arms. He hugged me tight and asked me where I was going. I was afraid I was leaving my mother,” she explains.

“I didn’t know where I began and where my mother ended and that meant I didn’t know how to fit Dean in.”

It sounds like Brooke’s mother micro-managed many of Shield’s decisions — from her career to her personal relationships. “I believe my mom wanted me to stay a virgin for as long as possible,” she reveals.

The “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” star did try to take things as slow as possible with the model, who was very uncomfortable with the physical aspects of her relationship with him.

“He was incredibly and painfully patient with me regarding sex,” Brooke remembers. “But even when Mom wasn’t around, I felt as if she was watching. We were always holding hands and trying to find ways to be alone and kiss, but poor guy, I made him wait and wait and my mom kept track.”

The couple later called it quits and the “Endless Love” star went on to date Liam Neeson, JFK Jr. and John Travolta. Today, the 49-year-old is married to Chris Henchy and the couple share two children together.


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