'Bourbon Virus' : Death of Kansan linked to new virus that may be tick-borne
'Bourbon Virus' : Death of Kansan linked to new virus that may be tick-borne

‘Bourbon Virus’ : Death of Kansan linked to new virus that may be tick-borne

What is the Bourbon Virus? US health officials, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is investigating the possible viral cause of death of a state resident over the summer by a new, or novel virus called Bourbon virus.

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The virus is carried by ticks and is named after Bourbon County in Kansas, where a man died from it in the summer. It has taken since then for researchers to solve the mystery of how he died.

The disease is similar to another disease known as the heartland virus, which is also passed through tick bites. The initial symptoms were similar, consisting of fever and malaise and anorexia.

Bourbon Virus can be diagnosed through those symptoms and studying the blood in a lab.

The virus is similar to ones found in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, but no virus like it has been identified in the western hemisphere.

The man experienced those symptoms before dying from multiple organ failure. His is the only known case of the disease, and so doctors don’t know whether the disease is likely to lead to death in every case.

But the disease could well have infected others before doctors were able to identify it, according to specialists at the University of Kansas Hospital, where the man died.

“Bourbon virus has likely been around for some time, but only recently did we have the diagnostic techniques to isolate and identify such viruses,” said Dana Hawkinson, an infectious disease specialist at the hospital.


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    1. Wow, Amazes me what has been taken out of some of these articles…. Cuz a few days ago I commented to a simular article…and it would make you puke what this IDSA Dana woman said…wonder if she was drinking Bourbon! anyways….lets see where the truth really is…….

      OMG! I’m LMAO at CDC…just listen to them for a minute…same bull different words. I feel aweful for this Kansas man and his family! Even though the Dr. and CDC don’t. This “Bourbon Virus” is NOT
      new….It’s the Powassan Virus…the instant killer here in New York…same deal, same symptoms, same fact that NOTHING will work against it…you just suffer and DIE! Hey I got proof New York State Health knew of this back in 08′ so folks……the CDC’s been drinkin’ on the job……want some more proof CDC’s not doing their job???

      The CDC says the best way to prevent the disease is to just avoid being bitten by a tick. Was the comment in the article…..LMAO…A few years ago I offered a TickRid program(no I did not patient it and become rich, it’s free to help stop and get the #’s down) Someone at CDC saw it, put it into a study, got the employee of the month bonus and then CDC decided it didn’t kill enough ticks. WHAT!? First off this is about peoples lives…The program when used(mandated) in each Township does kill THOUSANDS of ticks…sure it don’t kill every single one…but NOBODY has come up with one that does…so take what ya can get……right? Sad part is the TickRid program uses method vs money….so it’s so freakin’ cheap to do it’s pitful…..and……If we did what I came up with 3yrs ago…Due to EVERY township community getting involved…..OMG….the amount of Ticks that multiplied would not have….we would have gained control…and now as the program continues(if the idiots would do it) we would be getting the Tick population down…does any one know..other than the idiots at CDC…what that means? LESS PEOPLE and animals getting infected by Ticks! Want to know what CDC told Chris Gibson Congressman when he was askin all these tough(easy) questions…They told him…..use Grapefruit Oil….Everyday people MUST rub this on them, they must not have pets, children who play in sand boxes, no live X–mas trees….and what ever you do when you go outside to your car to go to work…don’t get bit by that tick you can’t see….Damn it! ya shoulda rubbed more Oil on ya before going to work…….Hey CDC how did that stock do for ya’s with your invention of “Grapefruit Oil”???????? Folks, some people who suffer Lyme and much else before me have come up with ideas and ways to safely kill ticks…great great ideas…..all I did is add a cheap easy way…”method” we could get it to work and actually help save people/animals lives…it’s simple, it’s the TickRid “program” I also have some other great ideas up my sleave…..along with this program…..All Town-people related ideas……hello anybody listening?

      I also want to comment to these other lines that where said in this article…but any “normal” person can see through it…. here some of them…
      “I love, when we can’t answer those questions, when we can’t help the patients or their families,” Dr. Dana Hawkinson, an Infectious Disease Physician at the hospital said (Ya gotta love this, cuz this Doctor is an IDSA doctor who along with the CDC who’s been making and keeping corrupt guidelines(so people stay sick) for Tick realted diseases….Wow this Doc showed true colors!)

      “This may be a cause of other people’s illness as well and those will be steps we’re going to be looking at with the CDC too,” Dr. Hawkinson said.( Doc, news flash “hello” Tick borne disease like Lyme, and a big list of Co-infections and these viruses like the Powassan are NOT new….infact it’s been going on for DECADES! nice try to cover it up….opps beeeep…nobody is convinced it’s all new) Also last thing…BTW…Odumbcare does NOT cover any kind of Tick disease or illness, either does regular insurance…It is ALL out of pocket! With the way these Ticks are allowed to roam…I hope everybody in America is rich………lol, don’t worry….even the rich will suffer….but at least may get to live just a little bit longer….
      Is this corrupt or what!? How much longer will this go on? Until EVERY AMERICAN IS INFECTED!?

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