Audiosocket sues Ted Cruz campaign over songs in ads
Audiosocket sues Ted Cruz campaign over songs in ads

Audiosocket sues ‘Ted Cruz campaign’ over songs in ads

Audiosocket, seattle music-licensing firm sues Ted Cruz campaign over songs in ads.

Audiosocket filed the complaint in U.S. District Court in Seattle on Monday and is seeking damages against the Cruz campaign and its advertising firm.

The complaint alleges that the campaign used two songs, in television and online ads, without permission. Those two songs: Lens by Sarah Schachner and Fear of Complacency by Brad Couture.

CEO Brent McCrossen told KING 5 he believes the campaign committed “intellectual property theft,” and that “they are trying to protect copyrights and make sure artists are fairly compensated.”

McCrossen says the company, which developed software to root out infringement cases, was notified of the case after the campaign sought permission to use the songs. He says the Audiosocket sales rep said no.

McCrossen says, in his mind, that what makes this case “the most egregious.”

He says the company is seeking an unspecified amount in damages but wants to “stop the infringement first.”


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    1. whoever was told NO, they are the one you have to sue, but it sounds like you have an airtight case to me. you did get in writing, right?

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