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Ashton Kutcher Remodel His Childhood House For His Mom (Video)
Ashton Kutcher Remodel His Childhood House For His Mom (Video)

Ashton Kutcher Remodel His Childhood House For His Mom (Video)

Ashton Kutcher surprised his mom Diane before Mother’s Day by remodeling his childhood home in Homestead, Iowa.

Kutcher remodeled the house with the help of the online home-remodeling site Houzz. He documented the remodeling process in a series of videos called “My Houzz” for the site. The actor of “Jobs” also revealed that he and his stepfather Mark worked together to build the house when he was 13 years old.

“I think everybody has a place in their life that they call home,” he explained in the very first episode of the video. “The renovation that we’re going to be doing is on a place that I call home, and I’ll always call home. It’s a house that I helped build with my stepfather. It’s on a gravel road in a little town called Homestead, Iowa.”

Kutcher later explained that the project was important to him, “It’s my way of saying thank you to my mom. My mom has been the greatest influence in my life. My parents gave me everything. They went to great sacrifices to give me the life that I have and anything I can do to say thank you is the right thing.”

The actor then spoke about his stepdad, “The one thing that has eternally bonded my stepdad and I is that my stepdad loves my mom as much as I do. When you’re the oldest son, and your parents have gone through a divorce. You’re always mistrustful of any other guy.”

He went on sharing, “But Mark stepped in and a lot of ways was there for me in ways my dad couldn’t be there for me. I’m one of those people in this world who’s lucky enough to have two dads. I’m just a blessed person to have that much love in my life.”

Kutcher added that he wanted the remodeled house to fit for the next generation. “I just had a daughter [Wyatt], my sister just had a new son,” he explained “And I want to make it fit for the next generation…They’re going to be living with grandkids running around.”

After 27 days of renovating, Kutcher revealed the house to her mom and invited her to have a tour around the new space. “Oh my god, what on earth,” Diane exclaimed as she saw little beds built for her grandchildren.


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