Apple to Polish Products in 2016, Report
Apple to Polish Products in 2016, Report

Apple to Polish Products in 2016, Report

Apple spent 2015 catapulting new toys and services at consumers. Next year will be all about refining its aim.

From the second-generation Apple Watch to Macs, 2016 will be a year of new devices with incremental improvements. The new Apple Watch is expected to be introduced next year, with the most requested features being better battery life and more standalone functionality. The current Apple wearable doesn’t do much when not tethered to an iPhone, while Android Wear smartwatches are starting to move away from the need for constant phone connection. The Apple Watch may also get some minor design changes and new sensors for fitness and sleep tracking. In 2016, Apple is also expected to update its MacBook line, and possibly an update for the Mac Pro.

While most Apple products will be receiving some minor touches in 2016, the iPhone is slated for its major update. If Apple sticks with its nearly decade-old iPhone pattern, 2016 will welcome a new redesigned iPhone. Apple fans hope to see a longer battery life with the iPhone 7 and rumors suggest that the device may lose its iconic circular home button and be waterproof. Apple is also said to be considering a Lightning connector that serves as a universal port for headphones and power for the new iPhone. Other reports claim that Apple may also launch a 4-inch iPhone alongside the iPhone 7, for those who miss the smaller smartphone. Apple is not expected to reveal the Apple Car in 2016, despite the buzz about the company’s potential autonomous vehicle.


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    1. Ah now we’ll have polished Apple Turds in the new year.

    2. Hmmm? Apple products will be more Polish?
      Dear Apple, didn’t know you care… sniff…

    3. Apple x Sony Mac Pro Playstation Edition
      I have a dream…
      Dual Boot Mac OS & Orbis OS.
      Full access to Playstation online store and Playstation 4 catalog.
      New Apple x Sony Dualshock 4s in Apple’s colored aluminum.
      New edge to edge 4k thunderbolt displays.
      At $4,000+ its not like it would compete with the PS4. It would change the gaming industry (even if for a very select few) overnight.
      You may say I’m a dreamer, but I hope I’m not the only one!

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