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Apple iOS 10 announced: New Features You Need to Know!
Apple iOS 10 announced: New Features You Need to Know!

Apple iOS 10 announced: New Features You Need to Know!

Apple has unveiled the next iteration of its mobile operating system – iOS 10 – which boasts a redesigned Apple Music app, dramatic update to iMessage and more.

The lockscreen has been redesigned, adding rich messages, interactive live status updates with apps such as Uber, and shortcuts so that you can quickly access the camera and music apps.

Meanwhile, on the homescreen, widgets are being upgraded and 3D touch provides more information for selected apps, including Apple’s own activity app.

One of the biggest improvements with iOS 10 is Siri. Apple’s virtual assistant has been opened up to developers, so you’ll be able to ask her to work with specific apps. Federighi demoed Siri by saying, “Tell Nancy I’ll be five minutes late with WeChat.” She can also work with apps like Uber and Lyft, and various workout apps.

Apple has overhauled its Messages app; emojis are now three times bigger and the app will even offer predictive emoji. This allows semi-autonomous replacement of words with emoji.

Meanwhile, typing something like “Congratulations,” or “Happy Birthday” will prompt animations to take over the screen.

There’s also a clever time saver feature called Tapback, which lets you send one of six quick responses.

Apple Photos has added facial, scene, and object recognition, and you can view your photos on a map. The app will also group photos based on trips, people, and activities, in what Apple calls “Memories.”

Apple needs to revamp their apps as most brands are now catching up with their technology. As of the latest statistics, it was revealed that Microsoft has already surpassed Apple’s sales, which means that the makers would need to think of something to keep up with the latest trends.

The final version of iOS 10 is expected to be released in September.


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