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Ann Coulter slams GOP pols on immigration
Ann Coulter slams GOP pols on immigration

Ann Coulter slams GOP pols on immigration

Ann Coulter appeared at CPAC today for a panel discussion, and she spent most of her time emphasizing how important the immigration issue is to the GOP and how caving on amnesty for illegal immigrants would basically be game over for the conservative cause, calling out Republican “cowardice” on the issue. She said, “I just don’t think Republicans have an obligation to forgive lawbreaking just because the Democrats need another 30 million voters.”

“They all come to the same conclusion, that Hispanic and Asian immigrants want a bigger government providing more services rather than what those conservatives want, which is less spending and less government,” Schlafly said of the polls.

Coulter said it’s like “invasion of the body snatchers” as to why so many conservatives would support bringing in more voters to undermine what they stand for. She compared it to New Yorkers going to Florida and Massachusetts voters moving to New Hampshire. In both cases, these residents move for taxes, then vote for Democrats who will raise their taxes, Coulter said.

“Those are the only two groups that benefit. Lobbyists accessing a lot of government services, Democrats benefit because we’re soon approaching a point where Republicans never win another election,” Coulter said. “If we stop it now, there is still time. Business benefits because they get cheap labor – cheaper and cheaper and cheaper labor. Is it that Boehner wants to go to work for a lobbyist himself is is it all these guy around him, congressional staff, they want the job lobbying. I suspect a lot is the staff and Republicans just don’t hear the truth.”


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    1. Brice Markovitz

      Thank you, Ms. Coulter for speaking the truth! If only more people had the courage to speak up,

    2. i am amazed how much hatred comes out of the mouth of Ann Coulter’s mouth,have she forgotten that everyone in this country have immigrated from one country or another including her family members. There are so many are so many citizens in this country that made their money at the expense of others and continue to do so and she is worried about immigration, what a hoot!!!

      If Mrs.Coulter’s heart was in the right place she would know that she is and continue to go against all of what god asked us to do and that is to love and protect one another. God is good everyday.

      Remember Jesus walked with murderers, prostitutes and thieves and he loved them just as much as he loved a person who was pure in heart, which you are not, but he loves you anyway and i do too. I will keep praying for you.

      • Yeah what a hoot! I thank Ann Coulter for speaking the truth, which had nothing to do with stopping immigration, what she did address was illegal immigration. Of course, you don’t understand that concept. You see there is a right way, also called the legal way, of immigrating to this country, ans we of course encourage that. What we oppose is opening the flood gates for anyone and everyone to arrive here and be considered citizens simply by virtue of getting here. The democrats of course love illegal aliens, because that is a huge voting block for them, they of course also like dead people, mainly because most dead people vote democratic too. And, just for your information, Mrs. Coulter never suggested that we not love and protect one another, in fact, I believe you would find that she strongly supports loving and protecting one another. However, this does not mean allowing people to come here and claim citizenship simply by being here, while others have utilized the process and become citizens legally. If your heart were in the right place, which it is not, you could see the injustice of this and how manifestly unfair it is. It’s amazing to me how you liberals have come to believe everything you say is truth and everything you do is fair. Classic case, you all are against hate speech and the mistreatment of women, but only when the speech is made against liberal women. If someone makes a vile statement against a conservative woman you are silent. You might better think about your double standard before you start preaching about God and His love for people, because He does love everyone not just liberals!

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