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‘Angry’ woman frowns on Splash Mountain, Photo goes viral
'Angry' woman frowns on Splash Mountain - Photo goes viral

‘Angry’ woman frowns on Splash Mountain, Photo goes viral

‘Angry Splash Mountain Lady’ gave death stare on Disney ride as message to husband.

Jordan Alexander’s favorite ride is Splash Mountain and she was very excited to ride it with her husband, Steve, during a recent visit to Walt Disney World.

The photo shows Jordan, arms folded with a scowl on her face, alone in a seat of Disney World’s Splash Planet. She’s surrounded by people smiling or screaming and staring straight at the camera.

Alexander’s husband, Steven, posted the photo on Reddit and watched as went viral and has been turned into countless numbers of memes online.

Steven says the family traveled from the Syracuse, NY area to Disney World last week. It was Steven’s second trip to the amusement park with his wife.

“The last time we went to Disney World, which was my first time, Splash Mountain was closed. She was bummed and I said next time we came, I’d ride with her,” Steven says. “So when we went this year, she was excited to ride it and have me go along.”

But by the time they got to the ride, Steven was tired.

“After a long day with the baby and in-laws in tow, I was just tired and didn’t want to go on any more rides,” he admits.

Jordan still wanted to go on the ride and said, “Fine! I’ll ride it alone!”

When she returned, she had a grin on her face and a photo in her hand – the photo of her scowling on the ride, alone.

“She said, ‘Here! I did this for you!’ and I just about died laughing,” Steven Alexander recalled.

About a week ago, Steven said Jordan told him he should post the photo on Reddit and “see if anyone likes it.”

The original photo has been viewed more than 2.5 million times and the internet has made meme after meme of the photo.

“Oh boy, the Mona Lisa and American Gothic Photoshops were great,” Steven Alexander said of the memes.

Steven Alexander said that his wife is taking being the human version of the Grumpy Cat in stride.

“She likes it, but we’re kind of indifferent to it at this point. We still have our infant son to take care of and jobs to go to,” he said. “She’s just glad that most people take it in the spirit it was intended and that people have fun with it.”

Unfortunately, Steven said he is familiar with the face.

“It means I’m in trouble!” he joked. “Which I seem to find myself in more than I should. I’m a mischief maker at times.”

But when he’s not making mischief, Steven beams with pride while talking about his wife.

“She is smart, witty, funny and quick on her feet,” he said. “She’s caring and loving, and a true friend and the best wife I could ever ask for.”

And it doesn’t faze him to see his wife’s face all over the internet these days.

“I see her face everywhere already; I’ve been madly in love with her since we met,” he said. “It’s a trip, though, to see it so widespread.”

But don’t worry Mouseketeers, Steven says he’s learned his lesson and will be on Splash Mountain the next time they go to Disney World.

“I think I’m legally required to ride it next time we go. If I don’t, the internet will chastise me!”


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