Anastasia "Dee" Dualla
Anastasia "Dee" Dualla

Anastasia “Dee” Dualla Quotes from Battlestar Galactica

Everything you could possibly want to know about Dee, hidden behind a handy cut!

Note: I’ve taken quite a few liberties with the information below, mainly because little is known about Dee’s background and so on, and so I’ve fleshed it out with a great deal of material from my imagination. I also use the tv show’s portrayal of Sagittaron, rather than the tie-in comic book’s interpretation, as I haven’t read the latter.

The first thing that strikes one about Dee is that she is the consummate professional, remaining cool and calm in difficult situations, and submerging herself in her job so as to get things done to the very best of her abilities. Being intelligent, the ‘best of her abilities’ tends to be very good, and her natural desire to learn and to find out everything she possibly could about the universe makes her a very analytical thinker, good at thinking her way through problems.

This calm exterior covers a strong core, for Dee isn’t a girl who’s reluctant to work for what she wants. Not afraid of getting her hands dirty, she’ll quietly stick to her guns on points that are important to her, and though she might not be the flashiest person around, she’s gently very stubborn. She has no problem with bucking tradition and defying society, and she has a strong moral compass, values of family and diligence being very important to her, that she often lets guide her actions.

Often appearing rather cool, Dee manages to hide an enthusiastic, quietly exuberant inner self, youth and a desire to have a positive impact upon the universe giving her a very strong drive to succeed. This dichotomy in her personality is partially due to her reluctance to feel things too strongly: she doesn’t want to be led by emotions, rather than reason, and so can be rather standoffish, refusing to be ruled by her heart. This can lead to her overthinking personal situations, and accounts for her difficulties in forming strong relationships – she’s the more the type to casually have acquaintances, rather than acquiring good friends. The collapse of the Colonies, though, and the subsequent disruption of society, may change this, however.

Fairly self-contained and independent, she doesn’t tend to share much about herself with those she knows, preferring to allow them to talk about themselves rather than offering anything personal. Quietly manipulative, she makes sure to collect information about people in case it might prove to be useful at a future date, and she isn’t above moral and emotional blackmail to get her way.

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