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Amber Portwood Storms Off Set When Dr Drew Questions Her Fiance (Video)
Amber Portwood Storms Off Set When Dr Drew Questions Her Fiance (Video)

Amber Portwood Storms Off Set When Dr Drew Questions Her Fiance (Video)

Amber Portwood storms off set of ‘Teen Mom OG’.

Amber Portwood was questioned about her relationship with her much older fiancé Matt Baier, 43. Her ex Gary Shirley, who is father to her six-year-old daughter, Leah, shared he supports the relationship if Amber is happy.

However, Dr. Drew was concerned over THAT drunk fight in Vegas that aired a few episodes ago.

When asked if she was worried about that behavior (ICYMI — Matt punched a hole in their hotel wall following a night of drinking), Amber replied, “No, not at all because that’s the only time that’s ever happened, and he hasn’t drank since because of it. I know it’s hard for people to understand mine and Matt’s relationship and I get it, but the thing that matters is we’re happy.”

Dr. Drew continued to press Matt about his past addiction struggles, which he had no problem speaking about — but it struck a nerve with Amber!

Her brother Shawn Portwood also tried his hand at interrogating her Boston native boyfriend, and expressed he’s not keen on the two getting married.

“I’m about to walk off this stage because this is getting annoying,” she said. “It is what it is, we’re not addicts, we’re not fighting. I don’t like this. I don’t want to do this. I’ve worked too hard on myself. This is just stupid to me.”

And that’s what she did, uncomfortably leaving Sean with Matt while Dr. Drew followed Amber backstage. He apologized for the intense line of questioning.

“I just think he’s this amazing guy and he’s the best thing that ever happened to me,” she said.

Sean seemed to feel better when his sister revealed she and Matt would sign a prenuptial agreement.

We also learned Gary was keeping a few secrets when it comes to girlfriend and new baby mama, Kristina. The father-of-two confessed to being the “mistress” at first, revealing she was still married and cheating when they began seeing each other.

Finally, Dr. Drew asked about their custody battle. Gary explained he’s nervous to change Leah’s everyday routine she’s used to, while Amber believes she deserves more custody. She was left in tears when her ex said she’ll have to go through a lawyer to try to get what she wants.

Maci, who recently welcomed daughter Jade Carter with boyfriend Taylor McKinney, was pressed about pulling six-year-old son Bentley from the show when Farrah returned. The controversial star’s triumphant return also led Maci to briefly quit the series.

“The decision to quit the show, to me, had more to do with me and MTV, not me and Farrah,” she said. “And that’s because whenever I had signed up to do this season, I had agreed to do this season if her story wasn’t going to be shown… I don’t think it’s appropriate for them to film Bentley playing baseball then come back from a commercial break and they might be at a strip club.”

Her ex Ryan Edwards, who is Bentley’s father, agreed with Maci’s decision to remove their son.

“I think if MTV is going to do a TV show on preventing having kids, why bring someone back that is gonna do a porn or sell their artificial body part on the Internet?” he asked. “She’s making a killing off it. Why do that?”


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