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Air Canada Cracking Down on Carry-On Baggage (Video)
Air Canada Cracking Down on Carry-On Baggage (Video)

Air Canada Cracking Down on Carry-On Baggage (Video)

Passengers wanting to squeeze just a little more into their carry-on bags or bring along bigger than permitted bags, be warned. Air Canada will soon start tagging all cabin luggage.

“To help ensure they have the best possible travel experience, we are implementing a new pre-security ‘approved carry-on baggage’ tagging process that is based on our existing carry-on baggage policy. This will result in several customer benefits including: smoother gate and boarding procedures, more stowage space onboard and a timely departure.”

Additional staff will be placed at the check-in and security to quick make sure they fit the dimensions.

They’re planning on rolling it out in Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on Monday and other airports will follow suit in the coming weeks.

There was mixed reviews from those Air Canada passengers entering security at Calgary International Airport.

“Honestly, I think it’s about time that they’re clamping down,” said Jennifer. “Since they’ve implemented the baggage fee, a lot of people have been bringing on way too much, it holds up the lines and it’s an inconvenience to other travelers, so I’m glad to see it’s happening finally.”

Others see it as a cash grab and wonder what they will lose next in terms of traveling comfort.

“I’ve been traveling with this bag now for the last couple of years, I’ve been always been putting it over top and it seems to always work,” Allan said. “It’s really disappointing actually, they already charge you $25 for the extra bag and they’re charging you now for this? It’s a little upsetting but life goes on obviously.”

Air Canada and WestJet began charging $25 for the first checked bag on all domestic flights last fall.


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