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Ahizya Osceola : Toddler’s body found in Hollywood home
Ahizya Osceola : Toddler's body found in Hollywood home

Ahizya Osceola : Toddler’s body found in Hollywood home

Ahizya Osceola was reported missing on Thursday morning and his body was discovered late Thursday night inside the home of his father, Nelson

A relative told New Times that the boy’s biological parents are members of the Seminole Tribe — his father, part of the Panther clan, and his mother, the Wind clan.

Ahizya Osceola had gone missing Thursday morning, prompting a news conference and search for the Native American boy. His mother, Karen Cypress, said Ahizya had been with his father and stepmother on Thursday morning near their Hollywood home in the 5400 block of Johnson Street.

In an agonized plea to the public, Cypress asked anyone with information to bring Ahizya back to her.

“Please call the police department so I can have my baby back,” Cypress said during the Thursday presser. “I just want him back. He’s my heart; he’s my life. I just want him home.”

Hollywood Police dispatched K9 units during the search, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement issued a Missing Child Alert. A chopper was also sent out to sweep the area.

But Friday just before dawn, a vehicle from the Broward Medical Examiner’s Office was spotted parked outside the boy’s home, prompting fears that he had been found dead. Shortly before 6 a.m., Fernandez released information on the child, confirming the grim news.

“Due to developments in the case, the Hollywood Police Department is no longer seeking the public’s assistance in searching for 3-year-old Ahizya Osceola,” he said.

The only detail on Ahizya’s death was that the boy was found in an “obscure area” of his home.

“It was an obscure area not visible to the average person looking through the house,” Fernandez said.

Because this is an ongoing investigation, police are not releasing any more information.

NBC Miami reports that police are treating it as a criminal investigation. Calls to Hollywood Police by New Times to confirm this have yet to be returned.


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    1. Terry Headgepath

      BABY SISTER. She was probably making noise and he checked on her, I did mine all the time. And they didn’t say she didn’t check on them. She may have been talking with them prior to falling asleep from being up with the baby in the night. You don’t know, your reading it wrong and guessing.

    2. What kind of obscure place is in your home that YOU cannot find, but a 3yr old finds it, and kills himself by getting into it….ventilator shaft? old refrigerator? front door washing machine or dryer?

      • When my baby brother was about two or three, my mother and I were home with him. We were watching Tv, and he wandered off. He was only gone for a couple of minutes. I could not find him. We started searching, and it quickly became panicked. We tore the house apart, and then started looking. On the carport, my mother could very faintly hear him crying. She said it sounded like it came from a back wall of our house. By the grace of God, we found him. Our attic up stairs was easily accessed. In the couple of minutes he was missing, he had wondered upstairs, into the attic, and had somehow fell head first between the wall and the back of the house into the insulation. His cries were so faint. We were so very lucky Mama heard them when she did, because he almost suffocated. If she had not heard him at that exact time, I shudder to think of the outcome.

    3. Poor little thing! Wonder if he hid somewhere and had an accident? Crawl space or well – I hope it was an accident. 🙁

    4. AshleyNicole88

      Poor sweet innocent angel. I hope the truth comes out, whatever it might be. RIP

    5. The step mother, being home alone with him at the time of his disappearance, has some explaining to do.

    6. Ragina Filange

      If my kid was missing I wouldn’t be texting I’d be screaming my head off.

    7. What a horrifying crime

    8. The little boy had a mother and a stepmother. Thebiological mother was the one who cried on TV and had not seen the boy since before Christmas (???). We have not seen or heard from the stepmother,(???). He lived with the Dad, stepmom, and stepbrother.

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