Actor Nicholas Hoult's love expectations
Actor Nicholas Hoult's love expectations

Actor Nicholas Hoult’s love expectations

Actor Nicholas Hoult says he”s been forced to lower his expectations of women .

The 26-year-old actor is making a name for himself in Hollywood, scoring a diverse range of parts including that of a zombie in the paranormal comedy Warm Bodies and as Beast in the X-Men superhero franchise. But while his career is moving along at a rate of knots, Nicholas admits he could be doing better in the romance department, something that occurred to him while filming his new movie Equals.

In the Drake Doremus directed drama, Nicholas plays a person infected with a disease that allows him compassion and emotion in a dystopian world where emotions don’t exist. And in a new interview, the actor has shared his thoughts on relationships and soulmates alongside his co-star, Kristen Stewart.

“Maybe my expectations lowered a little bit,” Nicholas admitted with a laugh to Entertainment Tonight, before Kristen chimed in, “He’s like ‘I need to scale down in terms of what I’m thinking. Bar has lowered, now I’m going to find my soulmate!'”

Nicholas previously dated his X-Men: First Class co-star Jennifer Lawrence. The couple split in August 2014, stating different work schedules to be one of the issues. Being that Nicholas and Kristen, whose ex is Robert Pattinson, both know what it is like to go through a very public breakup, the stars share that they couldn’t help but pull from personal experiences when making the film.

“The first time you fall in love you’re so mental that it’s difficult to recall anything,” he explained, adding that his views on love haven’t changed much over the years. “I think you just grow up and become more aware of yourself and other people and that changes it a little bit.”

But in terms of eventually finding his soulmate, Nicholas remains a strong believer in the idea.

“I believe completely,” he said. “I don’t think anyone can change the way they feel or should have to, depending on what they feel.”

Equals is now showing in U.S. theatres.


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