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150 earthquakes in one week in Oklahoma
150 earthquakes in one week in Oklahoma

150 earthquakes in one week in Oklahoma

Since February 15th, there have been over 25 earthquakes near Guthrie, Oklahoma and over 150 last week. Oklahoma is not known to have earthquakes as it isn’t located near a fault line. Upon checking the USGS(United States Geological Survey) real time map while writing this, I noticed that there were two more an hour ago. One was by Medford, north of Guthrie about 25 miles from the Kansas border.

Monday, the governor of Kansas named a task force to study if oil and gas activities can cause earthquakes, calling it “a matter of public safety.” Some of the quakes picked up by seismographs in Oklahoma are centered near the Kansas border. The Kansas task force will present its findings to the governor in April.

Texas is also now investigating its quakes. In the past few months, dozens of quakes have rattled cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth and north to the Red River. Texas’ Railroad Commission is working with the USGS to find the cause.

Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Energy is being taken to court for allegedly causing earthquakes. Twenty-eight homeowners from Arkansas claim the company’s injection wells caused thousands of earthquakes. As a result, they claim their homes have been significantly damaged.

Cory McHaga, an attorney for the homeowners stated, “They (Chesapeake) operated four injection wells that were putting the waste water back into the ground and that wastewater is what caused the fault system underneath the towns to fail and that caused the earthquakes.”

Chesapeake has not responded. In 2011, Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission voted to ban the use of wells in some areas, because of earthquakes.


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    1. You’re mistaken. There are at least two fault lines that run through Oklahoma and all of these have occurred on one or the other of these faults. I guess it’s just easier to ignore that and blame the energy guys, huh?

      • When people trotted out “Global Warming” I knew it wouldn’t be long before their fingers were pointing at anything they deemed to be destructive. I will be happy when Jesus returns for His own and takes me and the rest to spend eternity with Him in the new heaven and Earth.

        • Laura, I agree with you when Yeshua [Jesus ]returns for his own and we will be with him forever.Maybe this is the year for the shofar blast on Yom Teruah.!!
          Baruch Yehovah

    2. I knew as soon as I saw where the faults were, that would be the real reason behind the rattling. There have been small ones in southern and northern California, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas and other areas. Seismologists and geologists can only correctly identify moving earth events when they have enough information. Southern California and the San Andreas fault system are the most studied in the lower 48, if not the whole country. When a previously unknown or inactive fault starts moving, it is better for the little ones to go than the big one level everything. God helps us when the New Madrid pops.

      I get emails from the USGSENS for the U.S. 24/7 from 3.0 and up on the Richter Scale and 5.0 and up for the whole world. I have watched the quakes around the “ring of fire”, where subduction takes place to areas in Asia and south of Russia where plates are moving towards another plates and the impact levels homes and businesses. Then there are the spreading centers where islands are created by the upwelling lava. Our planet is constantly in motion, most of the time undetected by humans.

      I live in the “Basin and Range” area of the west, where the crust is the thinnest and some mountains are still spreading on fault lines or tilting over. There is volcanic ash buried deep under the alluvial soil. All of this is evidence that our Earth is constantly creating and destroying land.

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