‪‪Brenda Buttner‬: Fox News anchor, dead at 55 after cancer battle
‪‪Brenda Buttner‬: Fox News anchor, dead at 55 after cancer battle

‪‪Brenda Buttner‬: Fox News anchor, dead at 55 after cancer battle

Brenda Buttner, the host of Fox News’ Bulls & Bears, has passed away at 55. Her longtime colleague Neil Cavuto reported on the tragic news this afternoon with a moving, emotional tribute to his friend and colleague.

The longtime host of Bulls and Bears joined Fox News in 2000 after a number of years at CNBC, hosting The Money Club, and serving as CNBC’s Washington correspondent from 1990-1998.

A native of Santa Cruz, Ca., Buttner was a Harvard grad and a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford before becoming the accomplished business journalist viewers got to know over the years.

“We used to joke that Brenda had sort of a different bucket list in life,” said Cavuto.“When you saw her’s you started to think maybe your bucket list might have been the odd one because Brenda captured what really mattered in life…like how much she loved animals and how much she loved her daughters and the pride she took seeing her youngest vote for the first time last fall. The little things in life that define the big things in Brenda’s life.”

“She was just so brave,” continued Cavuto. “You never knew how much was going on in her life. Just that in her sickest moment battling cancer, there was Brenda cheering you on, whether it was a staffer’s birthday who she never missed, or sick colleagues she was always reaching out, including me checking in after my heart surgery and urging me to be strong as she carried a far greater life and death burden, but she never said a word. She took stock of life much more than any stock in life, and it’s what separated her from everyone else in the business. Brenda had depth.”

“Business journalism is never going to be the same,” said Cavuto.”I just don’t know, now that she’s gone, whether we’ll ever be. Brenda Buttner, gone way too soon at 55.”


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