UFO hunter's video 'prove mobile alien bases exist on moon'
UFO hunter's video 'prove mobile alien bases exist on moon'

UFO hunter’s video ‘prove mobile alien bases exist on moon’ (Watch)

UFO experts say they’ve found evidence of alien bases on the Moon with images which have left experts scratching their heads.

Serial alien enthusiast SecureTeam10 believes that these images show a lunar structure which may have been built by extraterrestrials.

The photos were taken by Nasa‘s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been scouring the surface of our natural satellite since 2009.

But a series of shots featuring what is claimed to be an artificial structure have been of particular interest to alien hunters.

This is because the “structure”, which is claimed to have been built by aliens, appears in multiple photos taken at different points, suggesting that it is capable of “moving.”

Another suspicious photo features a crater which appears to be shaped like a perfect triangle, with edges which are allegedly too defined to have been formed by chance.

But the video claims that more recent photos, taken of the same part of the Moon’s surface, show that the triangular crater has gone missing.

Using Google Moon, a version of Google Earth which maps the lunar landscape, the video compares the landscapes to prove that the mysterious triangle has vanished.

This is claimed to be further proof that “alien bases” are capable of moving – and may actually be parked spaceships.

Sure we can use the Hubble to see MILLIONS OF LIGHT YEARS AWAY with clear DEFINITION…but we can’t get a HD picture of the Moon!!! one commented.

Another wrote: “No doubt about structures, crafts and even extraterrestrials on and around our moon. Even though it’s probably not “our” moon.
Studies have shown that the moon is much older then the planet we live on. Plus the fact that the size of the moon is far too big for the planet it orbits. No other moon in our solar system is as large as it is for the planet it orbits. Also, John Lear (son of Bill Lear. Founder of Lear Jets) John is a ex CIA pilot who has stated that the moon was pulled into our orbit and the craft that pulled it there, is parked on the back side of the moon.
Something to think about. Keep the videos coming Tyler.”

The video has already had over 55,000 views since it was published yesterday.


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