Six Alleged UFOs Flew Past the ISS in Mysterious NASA Video (Watch)
Six Alleged UFOs Flew Past the ISS in Mysterious NASA Video (Watch)

Six Alleged UFOs Flew Past the ISS in Mysterious NASA Video (Watch)

New and strange footage from NASA’s live feed of the International Space Station appears to show six large objects scurrying by. This is not the first time this sight has been seen, but this instance contains unique characteristics.

The 31 second video appears to focus on the outside of the American station and within seconds, ‘six large’ glowing orbs crept past the camera.

The highly excitable alien hunter Tyler Glockner of Secure Team 10 says, ‘He has discovered what some are calling a fleet of unidentified flying objects moving in the distance behind the International Space Station.

‘We have about six UFOs passing behind, and judging from the distance, I would guess that the size of these objects, whatever they are, would be fairly large.

‘Much larger than Nasa’s typical excuse of ice particles, we must be looking at icebergs.’

Others are a little more sceptical.

Such sightings actually happen with surprising regularity – and NASA has repeatedly said they’re just distortions in the lens, not alien craft parking at the ISS.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual says, ‘The constant ‘sightings’ of UFOs near the ISS are mainly due to reflections and space junk, and it is down to wishful thinking that images sent back from the space station are of alien craft.


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    1. Peter Whitlock

      Where are the UFO’s? All i saw was debris float on by and in no way shape or form did I see anything flying or unidentified. To be so daring as to claim UFO and not understand the words is insulting…flying in formation? no such thing seen! We know and see the debris and know it is a problem but to lie and claim UFO when nothing is flying and all is known debris is proof some people go way beyond grasping at straws.

    2. Hey I would’nt be surprised if they were ufo’s. Back in 2001 just north of Toronto I watched what I first thought was a blimp crashing in the field behind me. The damn thing was glowing white with large circular coloured lights around it’s perimeter. And when it departed? Well lets just say I have never seen anything move that fast. 10 minutes later in the house with phone in hand. Trying to figure out what I was going to tell the 911 operator. Military jets flew over (fast and loud)
      I since have learned people all across the globe report such things. And yet the (most media) just laugh it off. Seems to me when the Govn’s of the world speak about transparency, there talking in a alien tongue (pun indended).
      I urge anybody with a computer to research this topic (ufo) I know you’ll be as surprised as I was about the large amount of “evidence” supporting the existence of these ufos. For me it’s not if they exist but rather what do they truly represent.

    3. What are they when they stop mid flight and do a complete 180?? Are they ice crystal then or space junk??? I think not. We know they are already here, just come out and say it already.

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