Researchers warn sea levels could swamp coasts
Researchers warn sea levels could swamp coasts

Researchers warn sea levels could swamp coasts

The number of high-tide floods each year in some US towns may triple in the next 15 years and in 30 years a ten-fold increase compared to historic levels may be seen, scientists have warned.

“This report shows that, within the timeframe of a 30-year mortgage, many East Coast communities will see dramatic changes in the number and severity of tidal floods each year, unless, of course, successful steps are taken to manage those floodwaters,” report co-author and senior analyst at UCS Erika Spanger-Siegfried said, as quoted on the organization’s official website.

“Some could affect much of the art-deco historic district of South Beach … Without serious intervention, frequent flooding will start to disrupt daily life and change the way an area functions,” Spanger-Siegfried added.

The floods pose threats to Annapolis, Maryland, Lewisetta, Virginia, Wilmington, and North Carolina. Such huge cities as Miami and Washington DC will most certainly have to deal with the abnormal flooding.

The UCS report “Encroaching Tides: How Sea Level Rise and Tidal Flooding Threaten U.S. East and Gulf Coast Communities over the Next 30 Years” is based on the analysis of 52 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) tide gauges in different communities.

The report provides several recommendations for the municipal, federal and state policy-makers. Those recommendations prioritize flood-proofing of homes, neighborhoods, and key infrastructure, as well as the further research into the issue aimed at developing long-term plans for the preservation of the communities under threat.


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