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Researchers record first-ever dolphin conversation
Researchers record first-ever dolphin conversation

Researchers record first-ever dolphin conversation

Researchers have definitively proven how dolphins communicate with each other by recording a conversation for the first time.

According to The Telegraph, experts have known for decades that dolphins can communicate their feelings via distinctive whistles and clicks. They can express their happiness and excitement and can likewise “say” when they are stressed. But researchers have now suggested that they also have the ability to change the frequency and volume of pulsed clicks to form “words” and “sentences” which is similar to how humans speak.

The two Black Sea bottlenose dolphins talking to each other in a pool, Yasha and Yana, were observed by scientists at the Karadag Nature Reserve, in Feodosia, Russia.

Dr Vyacheslav Ryabov, lead researcher, explains each pulse produced by the dolphins is different from the other by its appearance in the time domain and set of spectral components in the frequency domain. The team assumed each pulse represents a phoneme or a word of the animal’s spoken language.

When they analyse the various pulses registered in the reserve’s experiments, it showed the dolphins took turns producing sentence, and Yana and Yasha did not interrupt each other. The researchers believe the two listened to each other’s pulses before producing its own pulses.

Ryabov says their language shows all the design features found in human spoken language, indicative of the high level of intelligence and consciousness in dolphin. The mammal’s brain weighs about 1,800 grammes and comprises 0.9 percent of its average body weight, similar to the chimpanzee’s brain-to-body weight percentage, reports Daily Mail.

The team also attached electrodes to the brains of living dolphins to stimulate neurons. They observed that a dolphin about to be brutally killed made loud noises which scientists interpret as trying to communicate with its killers.


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