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Fast Radio Bursts Could Power Alien Spaceships, Says New Study
Researchers Ponder Whether Fast Radio Bursts Power UFOs

Fast Radio Bursts Could Power Alien Spaceships, Says New Study

Harvard scientists have proposed a theory about the possibility of mysterious celestial phenomena known as fast radio bursts (FRB) being caused by alien space travel or advanced alien technology.

A report published Thursday from the Cambridge-based CFA explored the kind of power we would need to harness on earth to produce similar radio bursts across the galaxy.

First discovered in 2007, radio bursts are incredibly fast flashes of radio emission that are detected only by advanced telescopes. These emissions, physicists say, may be the result of alien technology that the earth could one day harness.

In the report, astrophysicists explain one way they found that would allow engineers on earth to build a radio transmitter strong enough to travel “interstellar or even intergalactic distances.” The result would be a solar-powered instrument double the size of earth.

Physicists acknowledge that this enormous project can not be constructed with our current technology, but say it still possible according to the laws of physics.

Such a transmitter could power “interstellar light sails,” a fairly new solar-driven technology that could speed up space travel. NASA researchers say the light sails could take a ship to Mars in just three days, compared to the five months it takes to reach the red planet now.

Leading theorist Avi Loeb said the idea that aliens are causing radio bursts is speculative, but that science is all about evidence. In the statement, Loeb says, “Deciding what’s likely ahead of time limits the possibilities. It’s worth putting ideas out there and letting the data be the judge.”


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