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Alaska’s Version of the Loch Ness Monster? Real Footage Found!
New Loch Ness monster spotted in Alaskan river? Real Footage Found!

Alaska’s Version of the Loch Ness Monster? Real Footage Found!

A video posted to Facebook by Alaska’s Bureau of Land Management appears to show a “strange thing” swimming in the Chena River in Fairbanks — and many are excitedly speculating that it is either the Loch Ness monster or an American relative of the creature.

The Chena River is a favorite haunt of Craig McCaa. He often takes photos of the place and shares it with others. On October 18th, he decided to take a few pics of the river and the ice forming on top of it.

McCaa of the Bureau of Land Management was taking photos of the river when he noticed a “strange thing” snaking through the water.

“It never fully revealed itself,” he told ADN.

McCaa shot a 22-second video and uploaded it, complete with ominous music, to the Bureau of Land Management – Alaska Facebook page Oct. 26. The clip has since been viewed more than 354,000 times, with hundreds of people weighing in on what the “thing” might be.

“I initially thought, and several people thought, it could be some rope that snagged on the bottom of the river with chunks of ice,” McCaa said. “Other people have mentioned everything from sea monster to giant sturgeon.”

He added that he was more fascinated than frightened by what he saw.

“It’s a strange thing,” he said. “I don’t know what I would have done if I had come by in a canoe or something. But looking from above on the University Avenue Bridge I didn’t feel too threatened.”

While the Bureau of Land Management conceded that they were unable to identify the object, biologist Klaus Wuttig of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game offered his opinion on the matter.

According to Wuttig, the video simply depicts a rope covered in ice.

“It looks like it’s swimming but it’s actually stationary and just wading in the current,” he explained to ADN. “It looks like it’s swimming upstream. But it’s not organic.”



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