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Killer whales chase boat in San Diego bay “Video”
Killer whales chase boat in San Diego bay (Video)

Killer whales chase boat in San Diego bay “Video”

An incredible video has emerged of giant killer whales chasing a boat in San Diego Bay during sunrise on September 10, 2015.

A pair of fishermen stumbled upon the pod of about 30 killer whales about five miles off the coast of Point Loma, in the San Diego Bay area in America.

They gave a rare stunning display which was caught on camera.

The orcas began to chase the boat playfully, leaping in and out of the water and even spinning around to show their stomachs.

But the giant creatures got a little too close for comfort for the men who had been out fishing.

As the killer whales sped towards the boat, the fishermen became unnerved and tried to get away.

One of the men is heard saying, half-jokingly: “He’s gonna bite my arm off.”

Moments later, the same man shouts to the driver: “Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!”

One whale can be seen leaping at the boat just behind its motor.

Naomi Rose, a marine biologist with the Animal Welfare Institute, explained that some orcas cruise along the boat just “for fun”.

She said: “This is a common behaviour in certain places.

“It’s called wake-riding and they are doing it for fun.

“They are literally surfing — they can go very fast with very little effort when riding in the wake of a boat like this.”


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