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Fireball over Thailand surprises motorists (Video)
Fireball over Thailand surprises motorists (Video)

Fireball over Thailand surprises motorists (Video)

Thailand — A bright fireball blazed through the skies over Bangkok, Thailand leaving witnesses shocked.

According to ABC News, there has been no official confirmation of what caused the fireball, and there has been no reports of a meteorite landing.

This, of course, has led to a host of other suggestions as to what the ‘shooting star’ might be, ranging from a burning balloon to a crashing spaceship, reports the Daily Telegraph.

A host of memes have also appeared online, with one picture showing a giant robot charging down the street, with the caption: “We’ve got a bigger problem now.”

Of course, experts believe the most likely explanation is that it was a meteor.

Saran Poshyachinda, Deputy Director of National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, told CNN: “There is a high possibility that the object spotted this morning… on social media, is an object from outer space.

“It looks like an asteroid travelling to Earth and grazing through the air and it turned into a fireball.”

He added that he believed the object burned up at around 62 miles from the ground.

And astronomer Worawit Tanwutthibundit agreed, telling Matichon: “The photo of the white smoke that has been shared a lot is in fact the train of smoke of a meteor. The public need not be concerned. This is a normal phenomenon.”


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