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Fireball over Montréal: ‘American Meteor Society’
Fireball over Montréal: American Meteor Society

Fireball over Montréal: ‘American Meteor Society’

The American Meteor Society website received more than 200 reported sightings, and a camera at a Quebec national park captured a photo.

The fireball was seen primarily from Québec but witnesses from Ontario, New Brunswick, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire also reported the event.

The ASTROLab du parc national du Mont-Mégantic, in Quebec, said the fireball “lit up the sky in Southern Quebec around (9 p.m.) last night.”

Sébastien Giguère, scientific co-ordinator at the Mont-Mégantic Astrolab, confirmed Thursday morning that the fireball was indeed a meteor.

“Hundreds of tonnes of meteorites fall through the sky every day,” he said on Radio-Canada’s C’est pas trop tôt. “But yesterday, it was nice out and [the meteor] was centred on southern Quebec. That happens once every one or two years, so it’s not totally rare, but it doesn’t happen every day.”

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