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Final results of European Rover Challenge 2015
Final results of European Rover Challenge 2015

Final results of European Rover Challenge 2015

Canadian teams have dominated the second edition of the biggest European competition for Mars rovers that took place on Sept. 5-6 at the Regional Science-Technology Centre in Podzamcze, Poland.

Here are the final results of European Rover Challenge 2015!

USST, Canada 456,5
Next, Białystok, Poland 420,2
McGill Robotics, Canada 367,8
PCz Rover Team, Częstochowa, Poland 320,7
IMPULS, Kielce, Poland 269,5
Continuum, Wrocław, Poland 265
Kameleon, Opole, Poland 246,5
FUPLA, Kielce, Poland 243,5
Cud Team, Poznań, Poland 236
Mars Rover Design Team, USA 233,4
ERIS, Warszawa, Poland 228
Robocol, Colombia 218
PŁ Raptors, Łódź, Poland 206,6
RoverX, India, 206,6
BLUEsat Off World Robotics, Australia 199,5
IUT Mars Rover, Bangladesh 154,5
OzU Rover, Turkey 144,3
ORION, Lublin, Poland 143,4
INTERPLANETARS, Bangladesh 135
Zebro, Netherlands 132,6
University of Warsaw Rover Team, Warszawa, Poland 118,8
Robust, Egypt 111,5
RED TEAM, Egypt 107,7
T4 Team, Bydgoszcz, Poland 78,5
Integra, Kraków, Poland 54,5
The Rover Boyz, India 50,7
EHUSpace, Spain 30
DEM, Gdańsk, Poland 13
Morpheus, Italy 13
SABLE, Gdańsk, Poland 13
KrakRover Team, Kraków, Poland 11,5
PŁ Eagles, Łódź, Poland 11,5
Team PURE, Bydgoszcz, Poland 11,5
Mongol Barota, Bangladesz 10,9
Team Kritarth, India 9
Randombrix, India 8,3
BekkerTeam, Warszawa, Poland 0
Hindustan Mars Rover Team, India 0
Michigan Mars Rover, USA 0
Yale, USA 0

Results includes all Challenges: terrain tasks, documents and promo video.


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