Canada must act soon on climate change: David Suzuki Foundation says
Canada must act soon on climate change: David Suzuki Foundation says

Canada must act soon on climate change: David Suzuki Foundation says

The United Nations is calling on world leaders to take action on the environment following the release of a sweeping report that suggests climate change is happening — and it could have dire effects on future generations.

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change presented in Denmark on Sunday is the final volume of a comprehensive climate assessment, which said climate change is almost entirely influenced by human activity.

The David Suzuki Foundation says Canadians must respond quickly to ensure that clean energy becomes a national priority in order to prevent the most serious effects of climate change.

Foundation science and policy manager Ian Bruce says the future will be determined by the choices made now to shrink carbon pollution and co-operate with world leaders in prioritizing clean energy.

The UN report findings show that while it is still possible to avoid the worst risks, the window of opportunity is closing.

Bruce notes that climate change solutions offer numerous job creation and innovation opportunities for Canada, but only if Canada works with international leaders to share knowledge and prioritize clean-energy solutions.

“This final report by leading scientists and economists shows that the severity of climate change impacts and extreme weather is not a matter of chance,” Bruce said in a release.

The Auditor General concluded in a report last month that Canada’s plan to shrink carbon pollution and meet its promised international commitment “has been ineffective and the action it has taken has been slow and not well co-ordinated.”

The report noted there was concern that Canada would not meet its 2020 emission reduction target and that “the federal government does not yet have a plan for how it will work toward the greater reductions required beyond 2020.”


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    1. The David Suzuki Foundation id a waste of time and money. If I want to hear or read about crying and complaining about everything and nothing ever positive then I will go sit in a pub and listen to people who have had to much to drink they make more sense.

    2. Does David Suzuki really believe this? Certain country has been using the ocean for testing their nukes. For thirty five years. USA does it in the Nevada Desert. What’s with you, David? Surely you alone cannot change the world? Nice of you to try, unless you have the gov. of this country at your whimsy and call, too bad. I want change too. Perhaps battery and nat. gas will contribute? Come on Dave, stop this scare-me stuff already!

    3. How many millions has David Suzuki made off his war cry? David, you want to do good, go to China and India and demand change. Tell the volcano gods to stop erupting. One volcano spews more carbon dioxide into the air than man will ever produce. Like man with evolution, the world does it too. If it didn’t we’d still be living in the ice age.

    4. Enough of OUR money wasted on David Suzuki…do they not realize how many world class scientists much younger than he is know the real truth. He has had a pat job for a lifetime. Give the others audience please.

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