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‘Burning UFO’ Caught On Camera In Lima, Peru “Video”
'Burning UFO' Caught On Camera In Lima, Peru (Video)

‘Burning UFO’ Caught On Camera In Lima, Peru “Video”

An unearthly orange light floated cacophonously across dim skies above Lima, Peru, leaving inhabitants flabbergasted and sought answers.

The slow-moving ball of orange light can be seen flying through the dark sky in the eerie clip, before disappearing suddenly and without a trace.

Human’s urge to search aliens in Mars, Mercury and the whole of universe might be the reason the Earth is witnessing UFO sightings. A UFO, a “flying saucer,” was witnessed in Italy on Oct. 30, which is suspected as a reason for the 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Central Italy on Nov. 4.

A leaked document of a conversation between U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin says NASA has witnessed a huge fleet of UFOs entering the solar system, which might invade the Earth in Sept. 2017. However, NASA has not confirmed anything official.

Prophecies also expect UFOs or aliens to invade the Earth to set up one world environment, religion and monetary system. Humans against the “alien rule” will be killed as they come to “deceive and enslave” humans.

Although, people like Elon Musk might be planning to colonize Mars, UFOs are foretold to destroy the Earth before that. Professor Stephen Hawking also warns humans on contacting aliens, believing they are dangerous. He also says aliens share the universe with humans, while aliens are “hostile and dangerous.”

During the U.S. election, UFOs were spotted over Lake Michigan, who were thought to be watching presidential results. As previously reported, few prophecies of the year 2016 and 2017 do not support Donald Trump winning the U.S. Election, while few “Angel”-like objects were found believing it to be “blessing from god.” But how far all this holds truth is not known.


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