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Blood Moon On April 15
'Blood Moon' : Total Lunar Eclipse in April

Blood Moon On April 15

This April 14-15 the world will see beginning of extraordinary lunar eclipses series. The first of it will last about 77 minutes when moon will come into the umbral shadow of the Earth and it will be totally in the shadow of our planet.

The eclipse will be unique as moon in this case will not disappear, but it will turn a different shade. It will be painted red, which is presently the most talked about thing across the world.

What is a “Blood Moon”? During a total lunar eclipse, the moon will adopt a reddish-orange shade of color. As the Earth begins to cast its shadow on the moon, the moon will partially disappear from view. Then the moon begins to appear brighter with a red or orange hue thanks to Earth’s atmosphere bending toward the moon.

There will be a total of four complete lunar eclipses in a row, separated by six lunar months, and there will be no partial eclipses in between. This is called “tetrad.” The rest of the blood moons of this tetrad will occur on Oct. 8, 2014; April 4, 2015; and Sept. 28, 2015.

What’s mind blowing about all of this is the fact that these four eclipses add to a total of eight lunar eclipses in the 21 century, compared to just 5 in the entire 20 century.

Lunar eclipses are safe to watch and pose no harm to the naked eye.

Some speculate that the blood moons are not just the result of rare alignments. Some believe that they are a part of a biblical prophecy to be fulfilled in relevance to Israel. Guess we will just have to see.


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