Bigfoot sighting in North Carolina : Man in US claims to have captured 'Bigfoot' on camera
Bigfoot sighting in North Carolina : Man in US claims to have captured 'Bigfoot' on camera

Bigfoot Sighting : North Carolina man claims to have captured ‘Bigfoot’ on camera “Video”

Tourist claims Bigfoot sighting in North Carolina.

Yes, the ‘Bigfoot’ conspiracy theories are doing the rounds yet again after a man in US’s North Carolina claims to have captured the ‘mythical’ creature on camera while trekking with his dog.

“Either there’s a Sasquatch out there or someone is trying to play a practical joke,” said Eric Walters, who was walking his dog, Zippy, on Thursday morning when he spotted the creature.

Walters said he is renting a cabin on Buck Forest Road with his wife and another couple, and he shot the video on his phone.

An official with an Asheville vacation rental company, however, said Friday the video was shot at a rental cabin at 41 Gold Anchor Lane, off N.C. 9 south of Black Mountain, not in Henderson County.

Gay Weber, chief marketing officer with Carolina Mornings Inc., says the company’s rental sign is clearly visible in the video. Weber also said he’s familiar with the site because he’s been there.

“I’m flattered that even Bigfoot knows that Carolina Mornings is the best vacation rental company in Western North Carolina,” Weber joked Friday.

He said the company has been getting a lot of questions from people who watched the video and saw the rental sign.

“My inbox is blowing up,” Weber said.

He said he has never seen Bigfoot on Gold Anchor Lane, “but it is a great cabin in a beautiful location.”

Eric Walters could not be reached for comment about Weber’s assertion.


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