Arctic habitat fear for polar bears, new study says
Arctic habitat fear for polar bears, new study says

Arctic habitat fear for polar bears, new study says

Global warming is reshaping the Arctic so fast that a quarter of the world’s polar bear population is likely to be in serious trouble by the end of the century.

Under business-as-usual climate projections, polar bears could eventually face starvation and reproductive failure across the entire Canadian Arctic archipelago.

Habitat loss will take a toll on polar bears

A quarter of the world’s polar bears inhabit the archipelago, where sea ice is currently present throughout the year. But according to the paper, ‘Projected Polar Bear Sea Ice Habitat in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago’, published today in the scientific journal PLOS ONE with the support of WWF, even these bears are likely to face months of open water in the coming decades.

Action on climate change needed

Climate change is the primary threat to polar bears, melting the sea ice that is their critical habitat and reducing their access to prey. By 2070, the study found, over 80% of the archipelago’s ice could break up in July, forcing pregnant females to retreat to land early. And although thin ice is better habitat for seals, the bears’ main prey, it may simply not persist long enough to allow the polar bears sufficient hunting opportunities.

This scenario is avoidable if the world acts now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “WWF is calling for governments to act now to ensure that they do what is necessary to ensure a new global deal is concluded in Paris next year.”

“And that agreement must ensure that the world scale up fair and just global action to ensure that global emissions peak within the decade,” says Samantha Smith of WWF’s Global Climate and Energy Initiative.

The Last Ice Area

Even under the worst-case scenario, some parts of the archipelago are predicted to retain summer ice longer, with shorter ice-free periods. A fringe of ice around northern Canada and Greenland, the “Last Ice Area”, is a potential refuge for ice-adapted life. This region requires special measures and management to maintain its viability as habitat.

“Although this study looked specifically at polar bears, these findings are trouble for all life linked to ice, including the people of the Arctic. The Last Ice Area could be a vital habitat well into the future, but decisions about its management are being made now,” says Clive Tesar, WWF’s lead on the Last Ice Area project.

“We believe local people should take the lead in deciding on the future of this area. WWF has been working to ensure Inuit organizations are informed and involved.”

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    1. You may think I’m blind and foolish and don’t know what I am saying, But those who have ears will know the truth.
      But I always ask the question who is to blame for this loss in the arctic?
      One must first ask who is responsible for the laws that we use?
      But then who and what kind of people do we have behind the seen and where does this all originate?
      There is proof that all of this comes from the mouth of those who speak we need help
      You might say it is all hypocrisy
      One ask where there in lies the main problem
      Answer government, PLUS!
      But let’s not stop there and ask another deeply hidden question
      Are these people in government all from the same group with the same hidden direction of orientation agenda?
      The answer has to be an astounding yes
      Dig into the mater and one will find that all these most prominent figures of government belong to a specific group and are lead by a specific person, they are there to through one off the true direction of the hidden agenda of the person of sin.
      I will tell you which groups these are but will not tell you which person they are under
      Check it out, you will find the majority of these people belong to the 33 degree masons or the Jesuits
      Both these groups have a cult basis and their direction agenda is to cause world unrest and confusion to the masses
      Such as a result one sees the arctic and it as a by product of their leadership.
      Don’t believe me, Do some research, There is a Dr. W Veith and consider all of his total onslaught videos
      He has done the research into all of government and you will find facts relating to the deceit of government

    2. The Polar Bears were here on earth long before the Ice Age and survived and will still will be here long after global warming is over

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