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‘The Hobbit’ Part 3 News : The battle of the five armies
'The Hobbit' Part 3 News : The battle of the five armies

‘The Hobbit’ Part 3 News : The battle of the five armies

The filming for The Hobbit Part 3: Battle of Five Armies is currently underway, spoilers relating to the film have been doing the rounds. The most recent allude to the fact that the dreaded dragon Smaug will be done away with sooner than expected and the real villain will be none other than Sauron.

Thorin Oakshield will preside over an army to the Lonely Mountain. According to spoiler news, Thorin will remain alive. He is said to be presenting Bilbo with a Mithril armour.

Legolas is reported to run after Bolg, enmesh himself, and skirmish with the Orcs. Upon finding Azog and his fleet, Legolas will be the one governing unity amongst men, dwarves, and elves to battle and defeat common enemy. Romance triangle continues between Legolas, Tauriel, and Killi. King Thranduil, father of Legolas, is more likely to absolve himself and to head the fleet to fight Azog. A battle to commence in the ruins of Dale might arise involving Gandalf and Thranduil.

“I think it will probably be quite a cinematic event,” Richard Armitage, Thorin, spoke on an interview. He affirmed the remarkable battle and phenomenal imagery of a realistic fastasy combat.

Beor and the Eagles are said to rescue the good men from quietus.

Moreover, the battle between the necromancer and the White Council leads to Sauron’s demise.

Frodo, portrayed by Elijah Wood, is reported to appear on the end of the film since he was the one who opened the book of The Lord of the Rings.

The soon-to-be award-winning film will premiere on December 12 in the United Kingdom, and December 17 in the US.


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    1. Most of these rumors are rubbish. Smaug will die exactly where and when he does in the book. If it was to happen earlier then it would have needed to be in the second movie. Dain, not Thorin, presides over an army of Dwarves–unless less than thirteen make an army! Don’t expect anyone to survive the movie who died in the book. Beor is a character in THE SILMARILLION who does not appear in THE HOBBIT; the name of the bear-like Skin-changer is Beorn. And it would be a surprise if Sauron met his end in the new movie SINCE HE IS THE MAIN VILLAIN IN ‘THE LORD OF THE RINGS’–the Dark Lord, the Flaming Eye, chief servant of Morgoth.

      Honestly, some folks will believe any trpe that gets printed.

    2. Well put^.

      They have already confirmed that Thorin would die. I have no idea why any true fan would actually want him to live. I understand rooting for the ‘good guy’ but PJ has to stay true (and I use that word lightly) to the book. I do believe Frodo will be at the end of the movie as to close the book or something, remember, Frodos next move is to go to the woods of the Shire only to find Gandalf riding in for Bilbos birthday.

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