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Jurassic World Finishes Filming (Photo)
Jurassic World Finishes Filming

Jurassic World Finishes Filming (Photo)

On Tuesday, August 5, director Colin Trevorrow and producer Frank Marshall both announced through twitter that “Jurassic World” has officially finished up filming and moved on to the post-production stage. To celebrate, they shared a picture of the production clapboard snuggled between the razor sharp teeth of a T-rex.

Fashion & Style followed up on Trevorrow’s Twitter post, claiming that with the production wrapped, we should be seeing a first trailer for “Jurassic World” shortly. So far, any kind of media presence for the film has been almost non-existent- aside from a single poster, there have been no trailers or clips of any kind- not even at San Diego Comic-Con last month, which would have been a perfect venue.

Fashion & Style claims that because “Jurassic World” is such a high-priority film, a trailer would be coming much sooner than a smaller production that would require a much more scaled-down marketing campaign. As such, it’s probably best to assume that we’ll be seeing our first “Jurassic World” footage sometime in the late fall/early winter of this year- much like the same schedule of this year’s biggest monster movie, “Godzilla.”


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