Burger King Changes 'Have It Your Way' Slogan After 40 Years
Burger King Changes 'Have It Your Way' Slogan After 40 Years

Burger King Changes ‘Have It Your Way’ Slogan After 40 Years

The burger chain is rolling out a new tag line. As of today, customers will be instructed to “Be Your Way,” as opposed to the longtime motto, “Have It Your Way.”

The company has not actively been using the “Have It Your Way” slogan for some time in the U.S. Instead, Burger King has been using the “Taste Is King” motto, though it never gained the traction of its predecessor.

The new tag line will roll out across the United States, including in a TV ad that will begin airing Monday night. The line made its first appearance last month, in an online video.

Burger King says the motto is intended to remind people ‘‘they can and should live how they want anytime. It’s OK to not be perfect.”

Fernando Machado, senior vice president of global brand management, noted that ‘‘Have It Your Way’’ focuses only on the purchase — the ability to customize a burger.

But ‘‘Be Your Way’’ is about making a connection with a person’s greater lifestyle. ‘‘We want to evolve from just being the functional side of things to having a much stronger emotional appeal,’’ said Machado.

Burger King, along with McDonald’s Corp., is fighting to boost sales as people choose foods they feel are fresher or of higher quality.

Miami-based Burger King will also stop using its more recent ‘‘Taste Is King’’ motto.


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