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BMW i3 unveils smartwatch app at CES 2014 (VIDEO)
BMW i3 unveils smartwatch app at CES 2014

BMW i3 unveils smartwatch app at CES 2014 (VIDEO)

Everything is smart at CES – watches, glasses, shoes, gloves – so it’s not surprising to find intelligent cars.

BMW unveiled the i3, a concept electric vehicle, that communicates with a smartwatch, specifically, the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

In addition to displaying the car’s vitals, including battery status and driving range, the smartwatch can be used to navigate.

BMW i3: It is small city car made by BMW. I3 is all electric and user advanced carbon fiber construction to keep weight low and high efficiency.

I3 BMW starts at $42275 and goes sales in spring 2014. It’s the first car from BMW new I sub brand, which poured piles of money into lightweight carbon fiber technology car. It is full electric and plug in hybrid drive trains. Another car from I sub brand i8 is available from later 2014 and starts from $137,000.

The design of i3 is an ethos continues, with clean, open dashboard that evokes a modernist home. The car is seated for four people. There are four doors in car two normal front doors and two smaller, rear hinged doors for easy access.

Car i3 using carbon fibres construction for the passenger shell, which kept weight around 2700 pounds. Electric motor with 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. It will do 0 to 60 mph speed in about 7.2 seconds. BMW officially said that the car has the turning radius of tricycle, aiding in mid street route change.


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