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Tineke Kraal guilty of booby-trapping North Van trail has been sentenced
Tineke Kraal guilty of booby-trapping North Van trail has been sentenced

Tineke Kraal guilty of booby-trapping North Van trail has been sentenced

Tineke Kraal, the 64-year-old North Vancouver woman, who pleaded guilty to setting traps for mountain bikes on several trails on the North Shore, has been sentenced to three years probation and 150 community service hours.

Kraal’s lawyer, Martin Peters says his client is genuinely remorseful for what she did.

“She meant to slow people down; she meant to cause a bit of trouble for the mountain-bikers, but she didn’t mean to endanger anyone. Obviously the mountain-bike community felt they were endangered, and that was certainly not her intention.”

Peters wanted a conditional discharge, the crown wanted house arrest.

She was caught when two mountain bikers installed security cameras after they noticed weekly obstructions on the trails.

The Crown’s Mark Myhre says it’s thanks to the bikers who set up cameras, catching Tina Kraal in the act, that she was caught at all.

“I mean, without them, those logs would still be placed up there, and I’m just happy they put a stop to it.”

Before her sentencing, Kraal was given a chance to address the court, and offered an apology.

“I never meant to hurt anybody,” she said.


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    1. This woman is batshit crazy. She sure as hell meant to hurt or maim people with these traps. She was setting these traps at 5 am to be sure she wouldn’t get caught. And oh how she cried when she was named and outted. It’s not even her land, and here she is acting like a terrorist. If it were up to me, she’d be in jail for at least 6 months to a year for endangering the public.

    2. Those mountain bikers were also riding on a Hiking Only trail, endangering hikers. Those mountain bikers (private citizens) set up surveillance camera on both trails. That’s so very wrong.

      This case only proves that the Public Land Managers were very derelict in their duties.

      And this case has also set a precedent that allows private citizens to set up surveillance cameras in public parks, forests, etc. for whatever purposes in BC. This should have been the duty of the public land managers or the police — not private citizens. It opens up a big can of worms.

      This case was more political than about endangerment of mountain bikers who think nothing of jumping off large boulders and high jump ramps built on the trails for thrills. It was more about annoyance at clearing branches, than any fear of injury.

      The mountain bikers are a very powerful lobby group across North America, and the media played well into their hands. The present climate on the trails has left many hikers fearful of the power these mountain bikers now wield. It’s not a pretty picture.

      Hike North Shore trails, anyone? Don’t disturb the mountain bikers.

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