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Six young people from Montreal leave to join ISIS, Report
Six young people from Montreal leave to join ISIS, Report

Six young people from Montreal leave to join ISIS, Report

Six former students of Montreal’s College de Maisonneuve CEGEP have left Canada and are believed to be in Syria fighting with ISIS.

The four men and two women from Laval and Montreal departed from Canada for Turkey in mid-January and are believed to have continued on to Syria.

Four of them attended the fall session in 2014 at the CEGEP.

The cegep spokesperson Brigitte Desjardins says they are working with authorities and social workers to ensure no other students are involved.

“While they are doing their investigation, we are working with the students here because we do not want any of them to get to Syria. We are doing interventions and activities to keep them well informed, we are preoccupied especially with the students that are still here,” she said.

She says they do not know how the students could have been connected.

One of them also attended the Centre Communautraire Islamiste de l’Est de Montreal.

Montreal police would not confirm details but said they are investigating these missing people cases.

The RCMP wouldn’t comment.


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    1. Throw their families in jail and make it public if they don’t return their families will remain in jail. When they return throw them in jail as dangerous offenders and throw away the key and deport the families back to whatever hell hole they came from. If you want to fight this situation you need to get serious and stop letting these people into our country in the first place, I blame the government for this.

      • Yes, hold the families accountable as they should have reported this and don’t tell me the families were unaware. Remove their passports and cancel the kids that left and deport them all

      • And if their “Canadian” family is from Rimouski?!?! Don’t be so ignorant and quick to judge, the Ottawa and Montreal killers were pure laine Quebecers from French lineage families!

    2. Who cares? If you have no criminal record, you can go where you want. This is not the Soviet Union. No yet anyway. This is just drumming up support for Adolf Harper’s Civil Rights stripping legislation.

      Canadian Lightning Fatalities and Injury Statistics

      Lightning is a common meteorological hazard in Canada, which regularly kills and injures people. Based on an analysis of media reports, vital statistics, hospital admission and ER records, and fire loss data, it is estimated that each year on average in Canada, there are between nine and 10 lightning-related deaths and up to 164 lightning-related injuries.

      So 9 or 10 killed by lightening each year in Canada. That is far more than are killed by terrorists. So why don’t we spend about as much time worrying about terrorists as we spend worrying about being struck by lightening? We don’t need a Canadian Patriot Act. It’s a blatant power grab from the right. Stop Bill C-51.

      • Harper? Blame the real person responsible for this mess, the dead PET and his idiot son wants to finsih what his dear daddy started. So kindly feck off r sole!

    3. I think anyone wanting to leave this safe country called Canada and go fight with IS, they should be allowed to go. Once they arrive to their final destination, revoke their passports and NEVER EVER allow them back into this beautiful country of ours!!!!

    4. Good ridance. Just don’t let them back in.

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