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Queen’s University Students Throw An Extremely Racist Party
Queen's University Students Throw An Extremely Racist Party

Queen’s University Students Throw An Extremely Racist Party

Students from Queen’s University are facing backlash for throwing a party. Now, it’s not the partying per se that got the community riled up but its theme, which is racism.

An extremely racist party is reportedly a tradition at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, but maybe not for much longer after Twitter responded to appalling photos from the event.

Twitter blew up when Twitter user Celeste Yim shared a series of offensive, racist costumes from a party apparently held by students of Queen’s University.

In a statement regarding the party, Daniel Woolf, the Principal of Queen’s, said “Queen’s strives to be a diverse and inclusive community free from discrimination or harassment of any kind. Any event that degrades, mocks, or marginalizes a group or groups of people is completely unacceptable.”

“As far as we can ascertain, this event did not occur on campus. No event of this kind would be sanctioned by the university’s senior administration. However, we are taking the matter very seriously, and continue to look into it.”

The school’s Alma Mater Society released a statement on Tuesday condemning the behavior of the students:

This morning we were made aware of a party that happened Saturday night in the University District where students dressed in inappropriate costumes. We believe this was wrong, and actions like these make students feel uncomfortable and unwelcome on our campus.

We see this as an educational opportunity for us to engage all students in a discussion about race and racism at Queen’s. Over the coming days, we will be engaging with the University, faculty society leaders, and diverse groups on campus. Our goal is to find an appropriate forum for this conversation to take place.

“These events undermine Queen’s ability to provide a welcoming and respectful campus environment”, said Carolyn Thompson Vice-President (University Affairs). “We need to have an open and productive dialogue about race and racism on campus.”


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