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New Democrat MPs split over niqab, Report
New Democrat MPs split over niqab, Report

New Democrat MPs split over niqab, Report

Controversy over face-covering niqab exposes rift in federal NDP caucus.

Alexandre Boulerice, one of the party’s most prominent Quebec MPs, says he doesn’t believe public servants should be allowed to cover their faces.

And he wants to create a national commission, along the lines of Quebec’s Bouchard-Taylor commission, to seek consensus on how far the country should go to accommodate religious and cultural practices.

But Winnipeg NDP MP Pat Martin says he doesn’t care if public servants wear a paper bag on their head.

Paul Dewar, whose central Ottawa riding is home to many federal civil servants, says Boulerice seems to be trying to resolve a problem that doesn’t exist.

He says he’s never had a complaint about public servants wearing face-covering garments.


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    1. Sang RielLess than a minute ago 

      Let’s see now , the cons are running the government like a bunch of rookies. Big oil crashes and jobs go poof ,  
      Putting all those tax eggs in one basket, extremely amateurish. Now they are betting on coming out ahead with this latest non issue in a pitiful attempt to make themselves look good. Newsflash , attacking a handful of people for how they dress is very similar to the behaviour of ignorant adolescents . Why don’t they post videos of themselves laughing at handicapped people , that is equally as mature. Let’s praise them for their attack ads too , nothing screams bully quite like it. Retah would be proud. Let’s give them a big round of applause for the lavish funerals our troops are getting , it’s right up there with all the attention that is lacking, for all those missing aboriginal women. Forcing scientists to keep mum about stuff , for fear of negative views and our enlightenment, inspires confidence in a just free and open democratic society , Oh ya , that’s right, they are passing a bill that will probably land people in jail for comments just like this one. These pitiful elites are trying to make absolutely sure they stay in power with that one. All governments are failures. Where is our Utopian Society ? Oh ya , that’s right , our class system ensures inequality , poverty and the promise of better days on our meteoric rise to debt in keeping up with the Jones family next door. Like that commercial says….. I want that. How about a government that focuses on real issues and ACTUALLY accomplishes something worthy of our intellectual capacity. Oh ya , that’s right, they have been playing us for years now, because we have no intellect other than the one that repetitive brainwashing has endowed us with. Don’t get me wrong , Canada is one of the best places in the world but can you see how much better it could be without pompous , self serving , political overlords beholden to the one percent. 

    2. I’ll bet that 90 percent of “real” Canadians stand behind Mr. Boulerice. Just looking at that picture above is scary. Who the hell know’s who is under that garb. When these people come to Canada, hand the women a tank top and shorts. Tell then this is Canada if you don’t want to get rid of the black back then get right back on the plane and GTFO of Canada.

    3. let the women wear them and make all the men wear them also

    4. Soren Nordstrom

      Your picture is misleading. These women are wearing burkas, not the niqab.

    5. Put the shoe on the other foot. Maybe the public should be allowed to enter all public buildings with a mask of their choice. Add in the banks and you can understand why people fear this covering of faces in public.

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