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Hardeep Nijjar accused of running terror camp pens letter to Justin Trudeau
Hardeep Nijjar accused of running terror camp pens letter to Justin Trudeau

Hardeep Nijjar accused of running terror camp pens letter to Justin Trudeau

A Surrey man accused by the groups in India of running a terror camp has responded with claims of innocence.

Hardeep Nijjar says he is innocent of the charges and is being targetted by that government.

He along with the group Sikhs for Justice are sending a letter to the prime minister asking for action.

“Because of my campaign for Sikh rights, it’s my belief that I have become a target of an Indian government campaign to label my human rights campaign as terrorist activities,” his letter said.

Over the weekend, The Times of India quoted a Punjab police intelligence report claiming Nijjar is wanted in a 2007 cinema bombing, is now the leader of a group called the Khalistan Terror Force and is running training camps for militants near Mission, B.C.

The report said India would be requesting Nijjar’s extradition.

However, in his letter to Trudeau, he says he is a political activist who has travelled to Geneva, Washington and New York to protest against the Indian government and to ask the United Nations to hold a referendum on Punjab independence.

“Mr. Prime Minister, I want to bring it to your attention that the Indian government’s campaign to label me a terrorist started when I actively participated in a campaign to collect signatures on a complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council,” the letter said.

“I am a Sikh nationalist who believes in and supports Sikhs’ right to self-determination and independence of Indian-occupied Punjab through a future referendum.”

Nijjar also claims that his family living in and visiting his home state of Punjab have been harassed by police because of his actions.

He said his father and brother were detained last year while visiting India and given a warning for him to curb his “anti-India campaign.”

Interpol has issued a warrant for Nijjar’s arrest based on information received from the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation.

Nijjar says in his letter that India “has blatantly abused its governmental authority” to place his name on the Interpol list without any justification.

And he wants Trudeau to intervene.

“I urge your administration to dispel the Indian government’s fabricated, baseless, fictitious and politically-motivated allegations against me,” Nijjar said.


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    1. This is another Sikh requesting Mr. Hardeep Singh Nijjar to curb down his activities on so called “India occupied Punjab” as described in the article about protesting in Geneva, Washington, etc. If he himself is not doing any terror activities, then he must be aware what he intends which is absolutely unnecessary can lead to terrorist activities and disrupt the peace, whatsoever is left in Punjab. You are a respectful Canadian , then be so and don’t use human rights excuse to follow your own vested interests. Rather you might not only be shaming your fellows living in Canada and taking away their human rights, but also leading to serious violent activities in Punjab. If you really love your birth place, then follow the path of unification and not separation.

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