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Chinese, Japanese experts produce humanoid robot (Video)
Chinese, Japanese experts produce humanoid robot (Video)

Chinese, Japanese experts produce humanoid robot (Video)

In the future, robots could replace sex toys altogether, and lonely people will bed down with lustful androids, experts believe.

Perhaps this pouting silicone-coated minx – called YangYang – is a taste of that future.

The robots are made of a special type of silica gel, replicating the feeling of human skin to the touch. Yangyang is the fourth robot produced by Shanghai Shenqing Industry and she is modelled after one of the company’s researchers, Song Yang.

The unveiling of the robot comes weeks after a department store in Japan unveiled a robot receptionist.

“This is the first one inside China. At present this robot has the most features, she has 43 degrees of freedom across her whole body, most of them are concentrated on the face, because of this, her expressions can be very varied,” said Song.

The team behind Yangyang believe future robots like her could be used as sales assistants, or body doubles for celebrities. One of the professors has already used his body double to deliver lectures on his behalf, though it couldn’t answer questions.

Some at the fair had mixed feelings about the existence of such convincing robots.

“On the positive side, the robots could replace some famous people or stars or scientists when they give speeches, and maybe people would feel like they can use their time to do their own things,” said Shan Xingfang, an employee at an Internet start-up

“But on the negative side, perhaps in the future it’s possible that robots will become mankind’s rulers like in the American science fiction movies. I have my doubts about that.”


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    1. There has been great advances in robotics and intelligent machines and they are becoming capable of doing even sophisticated jobs. They are advancing to the point that they are significantly reducing the need for human workers. Indeed, we are on the verge of a new type of industrial revolution that will severely reduce the need for human employees. How will our economy function when only a very few humans are employed? Who will control the machines and who will buy the things they make?

    2. Well, she looks as lifelike (and as creepy) as most mainstream TV News presenters, with their limited expressions, too perfect hair, too perfect clothes, too perfect complexions – definitely all residents of “uncanny valley” and give me the creeps for sure.

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