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Chelsi camp : Mom bit off pit bulls ear to save her toddler
Mom bites off pitbull's ear to save daughter

Chelsi camp : Mom bit off pit bulls ear to save her toddler

A 2-year-old girl is very fortunate after a vicious dog attack and a loving mother who went to extraordinary lengths to fight off the dog.

Chelsi Camp was watching a pit bull for a friend. The dog had always seemed friendly. When the dog approached her 2-year-old daughter Mackenzi, however, Camp said the pit bull must have smelled her dog and that’s when the dog snapped.

According to USA Today, Camp shoved her fist into the dog’s mouth and bit its ear off while telling Kenzi to turn over onto her stomach, so that she didn’t choke on blood. The young mother says she would’ve defended her daughter the same way if a person had attacked her.

Despite having to fight off the pit bull, Camp managed to call 911. An officer who arrived on scene at the South Shore apartments on East League City Parkway shot the dog, which was still attacking Camp. The pit bull was later euthanized.

Camp suffered injuries on her hands and arms, while Kenzi has wounds on her head and face. The toddler must stay out of direct sunlight for a year while she heals.


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    1. Mother did great job stopping the vicious animal from kiiling her daughter.

      why would such dog allow to run on the street. They should be banned.

      • Pit-bulls used to be the most popular breed for family dogs in America. They have been bred to be vicious by people wanting to use them for fighting instead of family dogs, as they were before all the selective breeding.

        Banning something doesn’t make it go away.

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