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Glenn Ford Freed After 30 Years On Death Row
Glenn Ford Freed After 30 Years On Death Row

Glenn Ford Freed After 30 Years On Death Row

A man has been freed after spending 30 years on death row in Angola prison, Louisiana.

Glenn Ford, 64, was sentenced to death in 1983, accused of killing 56-year-old jeweller Isadore Rozeman.

Ford has always claimed he is innocent.

“Do you harbor any resentment?” Ford was asked.

“Yeah, because I was locked up almost 30 years for something I didn’t do,” answered Ford. “It’s resentment, not feeling bitter.”

A judge ordered Ford be set free after the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s office filed a motion to vacate his conviction for the 1983 murder of Isadore Rozeman, a jeweler in Shreveport. The prosecution citing recently obtained credible evidence that proves Ford was neither present, nor took part in Rozeman’s murder.

“Words can’t really express it but it’s a wonderful day and we’ve been working on this for decades literally so we hope that it will be the first day for Glenn to start a new life,” said Ford’s Attorney Gary Clements.

For its part Rozeman’s family says the news of Ford’s overturned conviction brings back painful memories. Rozeman’s nephew Dr. Phillip Rozeman is optimistic the prosecution’s credible evidence will soon lead to another arrest.

“The only thing that we hope is that if there is someone else involved, that if there was someone else involved, that there will be justice for that person,” said Rozeman.

Ford’s newly found justice comes well behind schedule but it will also come with some financial help from the state of Louisiana. According to the Innocence Project, the state pays the wrongfully incarcerated $25,000 for each year in prison with a cap of $250,000. Wrongfully convicted can also receive an additional $80,000 for loss of life opportunities. Ford says he is happy to have that life back better late than never.

“It feels good,” said Ford. “It feels real good.”


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    One comment

    1. This man deserves every cent of the $3,150,000 (calculations as in the above article) + that much in punitive damages also. Being on Death Row, your name could come in the unlucky draw any day, that’s a fear that most inmates condemned feels.

      He has lost the prime of his life, hopefully the monetary award will help him to live decently, at the same time, no doubt will many present themselves as how they loved him, missed him, just to get a chunk of cash. Some of which likely didn’t visit him one single time in prison, sent a birthday or Christmas card, nothing.

      It would be in his best interests to totally leave the area of his former residence & start over anew without others wanting his money that he has suffered for.

      Finally, the ones who are responsible for his long imprisonment should be held responsible to some degree, but that’s not likely to happen. It’s a “good ol’ buddy” system, they will look after one another.

      Enjoy the rest of your life, Mr. Ford, because you’re certainly entitled to it. Stay safe & live well.

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